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How to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube
September 5, 2022

How to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube

How to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube?

If you also want to have 1000 YouTube subscribers and you don’t know where to start, then I offer you 4 tips that have helped me and will bring you too a maximum of traffic and will increase your audience.

Ready for this challenge which requires investment, energy, but which is far from being insurmountable?

1.YouTube: Find a profitable niche

It is not enough to attract visitors at all costs by any means. YouTube is a popular search engine whose mission is to provide relevant answers to the very specific needs of Internet users.

Every second, more than 69,000 requests are typed , on already multi-developed topics.
First of all, you have to find a profitable niche, a concept that pleases and meets a real need of the Internet user. Standing out is not easy, but to attract the public to your YouTube channel, you have to be convincing. Do you have skills in a particular field, talents, passions? It will be easier for you to send a message! But don’t lose sight of the goal: addressing your audience’s concerns. Guess their search intent, put yourself in their shoes.

More clearly:

  • what do people need?
  • what answers to what problems are they looking for?

It can be a niche dealing with a rather broad subject, or within it, a micro niche on the same theme. We are then in the detail: clear, clean and precise, which fits with people’s needs.
To be in the first suggestions of the videos proposed by You Tube, so that its algorithm references your video as being THE most popular video and reaching a large audience, you must know some rules of operation of the YouTube engine.

2. Understanding YouTube

To make the Internet user want to choose your video from the infinite panel of videos on the same theme, you have to understand the brain of YouTube, it is the very principle of YouTube referencing .
The YouTube algorithm has a single mission: to provide the Internet user with the most relevant response to the search query. It analyzes the content, the keywords used, the relevance and the reliability; but also the time spent by the Internet user on your video and the bounce rate.

In simpler way: You are seen by a large audience who appreciate and stay on your video; You Tube indexes you and propels you forward, which generates more views etc. And views are your future subscribers!
Video SEO is a virtuous circle!
To please the search engine and get 1000 YouTube subscribers quickly:

  • structure your channel so that you don’t spread yourself too thin and that the public finds it;
  • offer an attractive thumbnail ;
  • offer quality content ;
  • choose targeted and relevant tags .

They are the unstoppable guarantors to accumulate a maximum of views and therefore subscribers.

3.Zoom in detail

Video SEO

  • the title of the video : clear, attractive and unequivocal. It is a reflection of the content, must not be misleading at the risk of disappointing its visitor: the trust of its audience is earned!
  • the description of the video : it reinforces the title and gives an irresistible desire to click on your video!
  • the thumbnail : it is what first catches the eye by illustrating your content. Rich and well laid out, even intriguing: your visitors will be dying to see your content. A clearly visible title, beautiful colors… show yourself and share an emotion!
  • the content of the video : QU-A-LI-TÉ is the key word! You must bring real added value: show yourself to be an expert in your field, be sure of yourself and innovative, captivate your audience, invite them to follow your video to the end! Know that the first 20 seconds are essential! Do not make endless videos (7 to 15 minutes is the viewing time for a good score); inform, offer solutions!
  • loyalty : “subscribe”, “like”, do not scare your audience away with harsh injunctions! It should be fluid, seamlessly integrated into your content. Inform and offer solutions: donate! be generous! Your listeners will always want more, like, search for you, subscribe and share your videos: more views = more subscribers;
  • tags : These are the ones that allow video referencing and its optimization . This is the set of words typed in the search bar by the Internet user. The lexical field and the keywords must be targeted, relevant, and above all related to your content.

Equipment side

  • audio : correct sound in a calm environment, simple equipment at the start: a smartphone and a lavalier microphone are sufficient;
  • The video : showing your face to personalize and humanize your video is a pledge of confidence.

3.Frequency of publications

A lot ? Especially regularly! Too much is the enemy of good!

Commit to keeping a frequency rhythm of publishing videos, announce your next videos, make appointments: establish a routine so that your audience can find their way.
But keep your word! Nothing is more disappointing than a broken promise… a disappointed internet user is a lost subscriber.

4. Response to comments

To have a real community, loyal subscribers who follow you, come back and share your video, show your investment alongside them. Give them value by responding in a personalized and professional way to each of their comments, even negative ones.

Weave an authentic social bond, with honesty, transparency and empathy!
Your audience will feel your investment and your pleasure in sharing your knowledge.
You get it, you don’t have to be a celebrity to make the buzz with your youtube videos , but it’s not just a coincidence either.

Investment, time and energy are your allies!
Hang on, be patient and don’t let go! This crossing of the desert lasts a few months. After the frustrations of the beginnings, by an often slow growth, it is the exponential explosion which will ensure you 1000 youtube subscribers .

Or even more…
I support you with a proverb that will boost your investment:

“Don’t give up, you risk doing it two seconds before the miracle” .