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How to get 1,000 YouTube Subscribers

How to get 1,000 YouTube Subscribers in less than 120 days for the purpose of  YouTube monetization

The 5 Min video we sale shows the simple YouTube subscriber hack we used to get 1000 subscribers in less than 120 days . In this powerful video, i don’t waste your time, i simply show you  what i call the ASK method to get YouTube Subscribers even-if your video content might be boring, people will follow your YouTube channel because you have asked them in the right way, i also share  platform you can use to  find people to ask and exact words to use.


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I managed to reach 1000 YouTube subscribers in less than 120 days by doing this one thing. ASK
Yes, i asked for YouTube channels, my videos are good but where not that good to fetch me 1k subscribers in 120 days yet i wanted to reach 1k subs as fast i can.

The ASK method is the best method which will help you get YouTube subscribers fast otherwise you might wait years to reach 1,000 subs.
How did i ask? which platform did i ask for free subscribers? all this i show you in the video clip i made. i show you platform i used and how i asked for people to subscribe, infact i share with you the exact kind words i used.

Its not because my YouTube videos are exciting, No but i learnt how to ask kindly for followers, its that simple. some people found the content good but i believe most people didn’t really care about my videos but they subscribed anyway because i asked them kindly.

Most people ask for subscribers but ask in a wrong way, By just asking for YouTube subscribers, you guarantee getting YouTube subscribers fast. In fact even if you don’t have video content, the Asking method can still grow your subscribers because it  is not about your video content but your kind way of asking someone to subscribe to your channel

The Ask method not only help you grow your YouTube subscribers but also help you increase YouTube Watch time hours on your channel, some people end up watching your videos. You can use this to get subscribers even-if your videos are boring, in fact even-if your channel doesn’t have any videos, still you can use this technique to get real subscribers

How to get 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of views on YouTube

Today we touch on 8 important points . You master them all, so you are sure to get amazing results and your YouTube channel will become one of the most successful channels on this platform, so my dear brother should focus and understand well.

  • First: content 

Content my dear brother is primarily responsible for the success of your YouTube channel and it is the king at this stage. You should work on good content and you should be fully aware of your content that you will display on your account.

And before you start the journey of your chosen content, you must first make sure of some points of the mission which we summarize below.

  • Is the content you’ve chosen highly popular, followed, engaged and searched for?
  • Does it have endless topics where you can continue to provide content for a long time
  • Does this content educate and increase the visitor’s knowledge?

You can answer these questions very easily by logging into the YouTube platform and searching for the content of your choice, and the results will appear to you by typing in the video clips that appear in the search results.

You should focus on the number of viewers, number of followers, number of likes and comments to make sure you need to look at more than one channel. Your content is good and popular.
When you choose content that meets the previous conditions, it is only natural that your number of followers will be large, because it is very popular and therefore increases the percentage of views, which accelerates the achievement of the desired goals.

  • Secondly, trust

One of the most important points that you should pay attention to when providing certain content, my dear brother, is that you should be 100% sure that the information provided is correct and without defects or errors, because it is normal if someone types your content and tried your explanations and found errors in it and it causes you to lose a lot of visitors. The potential of your channel and its shortcomings, my dear brother, before posting any topic, you should try it yourself and make sure it is correct, as I do on my YouTube channel.

  • Third: address 

This is also one of the most important main points that magically affect the success of your channel, because the title, my dear brother, is the means of communication between the visitor and the content of your channel, so you should pay attention to the content titles, which should express the content of the content in a simple and attractive way in words And you should completely avoid fake headlines that aim to attract the visitor and take away from the context of the content, as this method will inevitably lead to the loss of your channel.

  • Fourthly, a sketch

When a YouTube visitor searches for content, the first thing that catches their eye is the video thumbnail, so it is one of the most important means of attracting visitors to watch your video. Therefore, you should focus and pay attention to the thumbnail and choose colors that attract the eye, because this will bring you many views and therefore many followers.

  • Fifth: descriptive tags

This is also one of the most important points in this topic. We called content the king. You can say she is the queen because of her great influence on your channel. Meta tags are where important keywords are placed, which is one of the foundations of SEO for YouTube. Is this one of the tools that makes the video appear at the top of the search? When your video appears at the top of a YouTube search, it’s normal for the number of views to increase exponentially, and therefore the number of subscribers.

  • Sixth: Screens to the end

These are the screens that appear at the end of the video, and this is the image of the video from your channel, and the visitor can click on them to go to it, which increases the number of views, so you should always pay attention to the end screens and try to select a video, close to the video content, because it is normal for the visitor to enter the video In order to learn specific information, you can see another information at the end of the video that catches his attention, and he clicks and enters the video, which increases the number of views for you.

  • Seven: cards

It’s also just as important as end screens to display links Video By showing a video to a visitor, you can hint at it during the video and encourage the visitor to follow after the video is over, which also makes it useful in several ways.

  • Eighth, place and link your videos in the description box

This is also one of the successful ways to increase views. You can post a link for the video You from your channel precede the title of the link in the description field after you finish writing a small description of the video, so many visitors open the description field to watch or download a certain link to take advantage of its input by drawing attention to others topics that may be of interest

Important elements to get YouTube terms 1000 subscribers 4000 watch hours

1- Create a channel about something you like

It’s a key ingredient to keep you going. Getting attention for what you have to offer on your YouTube channel gives you the motivation you need to keep working, and it helps you get results faster because you’re working on something you love.

2- Post content consistently

If you remember the two examples I gave you in the case of 4000 hours of views… After two examples, it turns out that the more videos you have on your channel and even with less views, the higher the chances of getting 4000 views.

My advice here is to never stop posting new videos, no matter how successful your old videos are, and the article below will help you get ideas for videos that are constantly updated:

3- Put quality as the basic and basic slogan

Quality is the main and most important factor influencing the decision to finish a video or block it and search for another video with higher quality. My advice to you here is to do everything you can to create the highest quality Video clips .

4- Marketing is an important component of your success

Many video producers believe that success on YouTube is all about creating and publishing videos, and they think that their role ends after the video is published, but the truth is that marketing is a very important element that should always be considered.

In the end, my friend, I hope with all my heart that this article will help you by answering the question “What are the conditions for making money from YouTube?” Detailed and clear, you’ll never have to look for an answer again.

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