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How to Use Twitter for Tourism Marketing

Twitter is now well known, it is essential for tourism and we have already talked about it in several articles here, we have seen how to design the online presence  and how Twitter is integrated into a web marketing strategy for hotels.

Should You Even Use Twitter for Tourism Marketing?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes!

Tour companies and activity providers can leverage Twitter’s marketing features. The following are some of the benefits of using Twitter for tourism marketing:

  • Research shows that 40 percent of people purchased something after they saw it posted on Twitter.
  • Twitter has close to 200 million daily active users as of the first quarter of the year 2021, according to Twitter’s Q1 2021 Letter to Shareholders. This huge number proves you can gain a wide reach by marketing on Twitter.
  • The countries where Twitter is most popular are the US, Japan, India, Brazil, and Turkey, as well as the UK, Germany, and France in Europe. This is excellent news if any of these are your target markets.
  • Since 99% of Twitter users are active on at least one other social platform, you can leverage cross-platform shares and remarketing strategies to stay top of mind.
  • Research shows that Twitter users are wealthier and more highly educated than the general population.

Here is how you can promote your tourism business on twitter;

1) Copy and paste? No thank you!

When trying to promote your business in the tourism field , things to do seem to never end and even keeping a social strategy in place can be challenging and time-consuming.

To try to save precious time, what do you do then? You choose to publish, indiscriminately, the same identical messages on all social networks on which you are present, thus limiting yourself to making a continuous copy and paste.

The time spent, in this way, will certainly be less but also the benefits that can be obtained from such a strategy are certainly much smaller! In fact, every social network prefers a certain language : on Twitter, for example, brevity is a fundamental value while on Facebook it is not so necessary to be extremely concise .

2) Twitter: how to talk about tourism in 140 characters?

The fact that each tweet has a rather limited maximum limit of characters should not be seen only as a limit but more as an opportunity to exercise one’s ability to synthesize, as an opportunity to train oneself to enclose a concept even in a few words, like a training ground in which to experiment the most concise and incisive solutions through which to convey messages to other users concerning one’s own activity in the field of tourism.

If 140 characters seem too few to you, you will not be pleased to know that the tweets that use even less (between 100 and 120 characters to be precise) are the ones that are most often added to favorites, retweeted and that in general generate more interaction. .

3) The importance of a balanced use of hashtags

Using hashtags , i.e. those keywords preceded by a hashtag , is of great importance on Twitter but you must never lose the measure.If you are on Twitter to give voice to your company engaged in the tourism sector, you could benefit enormously from being included in information flows concerning tourism.

With a careful use of hashtags you will be able to be more easily traced by those who are looking for the tourist offer that you have to offer. But better be careful not to turn every tweet into a series of hashtags: too many hashtags could end up barring the doors to interaction!

4) Twitter and Social Customer Care also in the tourism sector

Twitter can be used to promote a tourist destination or a hotel that would like to encourage tourists to book rooms or a restaurant that would like to occupy all the seats thanks to the reservations of tourists, but it is good to never lose sight of the value of the interactions that they are the true soul of any self-respecting social network.

Twitter thus also becomes an excellent tool to manage even unhappy customers , to respond to travelers who have had or have any inconvenience related to what we promote: using Twitter as a service center allows customers to feel followed: as fast and comprehensive as possible it will be the information that you will be able to provide to solve the problems of travelers, the more customers will be able to make you a good advertisement.