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Journey to the 1000 subscribers on YouTube
February 5, 2022

Journey to the 1000 subscribers on YouTube

How to Increase Paid Subscribers on YouTube

Don’t think you can’t imagine it – you are certainly looking for information on how to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube because you know very well that they are necessary to start earning with your channel. Let me tell you since I doubt yours is a very good idea, because there is nothing better than being rewarded for your efforts. And if you work seriously with YouTube, you will probably know that creating quality content takes not only passion but also a lot of time!

Anyway, let me remind you that to start monetizing and then join the YouTube Partner Program ( YPP ), you must also reach 4.000 hours of watching your videos in last 12 months . It’s not easy but, if you commit, you can definitely do it! In this regard, also remember that it is necessary to have created a Google Adsense account . If you want to know how to monetize on YouTube, this in-depth analysis will certainly be useful for you: you can read many tips that will help you avoid big mistakes.

That said, I immediately have three pieces of advice to give you: the first concerns the image , the second the constancy , the third the interaction . What am I referring to? I’ll explain right away!

Your channel should offer one straight away clear picture of you , so make sure you’ve entered the right photos, filled in all the required fields, and usually the user can immediately understand chi sei e ce what you mean . In fact, there is nothing worse than creating a chain that does not have a precise identity – a soul, one might say – and which does not allow you to be recognized among many.



In this regard, I recommend that you take advantage of a tool that YouTube offers, namely the creation of a trailer to be seen by all users as soon as they access your channel. Setup is easy – log in to YouTube Studio , navigate to the channel customization section , by clicking on the bacchetta magica icon on the left, click on the ADD link related to the Channel Trailer section to non-subscribed users and select the video you want to highlight. Simple, isn’t it?

It is not a function to be underestimated: in a short time, in fact, you must try to make people understand who you are, do everything to intrigue those who watch and listen to you. If you succeed, you will have drawn attention to the whole channel and not just one video!

Once you have finished working on the channel, do not forget to plan the publication of the contents : consistency, in fact, is one of the most important factors for success in any project, and it is obvious that if you don’t post videos for a while, or at least update your followers on what you intend to do, you will eventually be forgotten. We both know that anyone can now start a YouTube channel, and even a long period of average absence would be enough to fade from the scene, especially in the beginning.


Image, consistency and interaction! After organizing the channel and planning your videos well, make sure you are working well with the Communities . In more detail, check if you have answered all user questions e respond to comments , even if nothing was asked of you but simply a compliment (or a criticism, if that makes sense). This will allow you to make your presence felt with fans and make a good impression on those who didn’t know you. A comment, among other things, almost always drives further commenting, and – as you can well imagine – highly commented videos are seen well by the algorithm.


That said, in the next few chapters, we’ll get to the core of the guide, where I’ll focus on some solutions that could help you dramatically improve your channel’s performance. And I have good news for you: you don’t necessarily have to spend money to do it!

How to increase subscribers on YouTube for free

Like, how? you wanted to know how to increase the number of subscribers on youtube for free but you didn’t think it was possible? Of course you can! Paid sponsorship on YouTube (which I’ll talk about later) is helpful, but there are other ways to grow. It’s certainly not easy, but you know that success is built slowly and that to achieve remarkable results, it takes time and effort! Let’s cut to the chase.

What to post on YouTube



First and foremost, you have to think about what to post on YouTube : once the main subject you are well versed in and feel you have things to say (for example, technology, travel, cooking or gardening), what subjects do you need to process exactly? And what aspects should you focus on? In short, where would it be wiser to start after the due presentation videos in which you explain a little who you are and what you do?

My advice is to research Google Trends , a free analysis and research tool launched by Google in 2006 that helps identify the most searched topics by users at a certain time and in a given area. Therefore, if you learn how to use it, you will be able to understand what to talk about on your YouTube channel and create content that could potentially get more views than others. I explained how it works in another guide.

even the YouTube Suggestions they are useful to understand what to talk about. I’ll give you an example right away: you’ve opened a channel dedicated to gardening and you want to know what videos to post about watering . My advice is to type in the YouTube search bar a keyword like “how to water” and see what kind of searches people have been doing. You can start by talking about the first topic that YouTube suggests to you. Easy, right?


Clearly, these are just potential guidelines: remember that you should run your channel and grow it with content that you think you can make a valuable, quality contribution to ; in short, don’t make videos just because Google suggests it.

How to Create YouTube Videos

It goes without saying that research strategies are of little use if the substance is lacking: that’s why you have to learn how to make a youtube video . To succeed, you must never forget that it is important to take care in detail of the content you offer: try to publish videos that are really useful, funny, interesting, etc., according to the theme of your channel. .

This means you don’t have to settle for subtle or improvable videos – what you post should be the best you can do or say. This is why I recommend that you also listen to opinions from third parties , perhaps from trusted friends or, if you have the opportunity, from experts in the sector: an outside eye can allow you to see things that you may have underestimated or completely ignored.

In the case that I told you about, if you like gardening and know a florist, for example, before making a video on caring for certain types of plants, also ask for his opinion, and, when you have finished creating the video, show you know what you think of it: it’s also a way to get immediate feedback on your work without waiting for it to be published on the Net.

Also try to shoot videos that are technically of good quality , so use a suitable camera (or a smartphone up to it) and don’t forget all the video editing apps and video editing programs you can download; the latter will allow you to embellish your content and make it more professional. Then there are a few YouTube-specific apps that I recommend you consider.

How to Optimize YouTube Videos

Knowing how to optimize youtube videos is as important as knowing how to create them. In this regard, be aware that Google Trends and YouTube suggestions can be useful: in both cases, in fact, you will find exactly the keywords typed by the user for a specific search, and these are the keywords that you will need to enter. title them so that the published video has a better chance of being found.

Let’s go back to the example I gave you: the first suggestion after “How to water” è “Plants when you go on vacation” . This means that a good title for a video on the subject could be yours “How to water your plants when you go on vacation” . Obviously, try to make it more attractive, also including words that appeal to the user, for example “Methods to avoid mistakes” or “What do you want to know” etc. Remember not to make sensational headlines because you could be penalized by Google (as well as users, who would rightly consider you unserious).

Finally, don’t forget to create one good description of the video , using (if possible and systematically) the keywords you have found, and entering i Label virtuous; the latter (which can be compared to the hashtags of Instagram and other social platforms) are fundamental because they allow you to tag the video: in the case of the video I told you about, you could insert tags such as “holidays “ , “Watering the plants” e “gardening” . Little but good, please!

Last tip: group videos that deal with the same subject in playlist . This will allow you to keep the channel tidy and to direct the user in his search: if those who have seen your film about watering plants on vacation also want information on how not to dry out plants when they are far from home, by inserting a video of this type in a potential playlist “Plants on vacation” , you will get not one but several views.

Where to post YouTube videos

Recorded and published your video on YouTube, I advise you not to forget that the streaming platform is not the only service that the web offers. You will certainly have a Facebook or Instagram account , so make the most of them, because they could have many surprises in store for you.

Let’s say you want to play one of your songs on YouTube: why not post some of it to Instagram Stories ? At some point, users who like it will want to keep listening to the song and watching the video: if you’ve been smart, they can make a swipe up or tap on a bio link set by you that will lead them directly to the YouTube video of your song!

What if you wanted to sponsor your video about watering plants on vacation? Nobody forbids you to let your Facebook friends know, for example: among the contacts, in fact, there will certainly be plant enthusiasts or even those who do not want to see theirs die during the holidays. And it will be these contacts who will open the video that you offer them on the subject.

Finally, don’t underestimate the power of cooperation : if you have a YouTuber friend who has a lot of fans, contact them and ask them to live together . This will bring your fans to him and his fans to you, and they’ll start following both channels if they want.

How to Increase Paid Subscribers on YouTube

Maybe now you want to know how to increase the number of paid YouTube subscribers because you want to increase the number of users as quickly as possible. Well, the only methods I can recommend are two: contact an influencer or a page dedicated to the subject you are dealing with and use YouTube ads .

It does not say that the influencer or the pages ask you for money in exchange: you can also find simple fans who, impressed by your video, will decide to publish it for free; However, I would like to tell you that this is a far off assumption because it would amount to offering you an important service without receiving anything in return.

Which influencer to choose and how to contact him ? I recommend that you research your topics on YouTube and find channels that have at least average following. Then check if there is interaction between the users and the influencer in question, because it is obvious that a followed person who has established a good relationship with the fans is also a very appreciated person when giving advice and suggestion channels to follow or videos not to be missed.

Once you have found the influencer that suits you, contact them: they should have entered their Contact Email on the YouTube channel or on their social profiles; the opposite would be strange, because not having a contact would prevent him from entering into commercial partnerships with companies.

As for YouTube Ads , you may have heard of it before: it’s the service provided by Google that allows you to advertise on YouTube in different ways. I recommend it because the ads you can create are extremely personalized: in addition to fairly obvious things (gender, age of users, etc.) you can even indicate, for example, the specific interests of the people to whom the video is shown .

This means that the users affected by the video will be highly interested in its content, therefore more likely to click on it, with all the positive consequences of the case. Imagine the figures you could reach if you had to advertise a video during the Christmas period showing how to make a good panettone or a typical recipe from your country! I’ve explained to you in detail how YouTube ads work in a special guide: read it carefully and you’ll learn how to use it in no time!

Just as I recommend YouTube advertisements, I strongly advise against using paid services that you find on the Net, since they generally consist of the purchase of bots , therefore fake accounts, which are not used for the real improvement of performance of your channel.

Your content only becomes useful if interested users see it and, where you can insert advertising, in some cases will also click on ads that interest them. But what good is having even ten thousand views if they only come from non-real accounts? Make no mistake about it and always find out about the services to buy: it would be a real shame to spend money in vain! This warning being made, I only have to wish you good luck!