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Twitter Management Services France

Twitter has become an essential tool for the development of our businesses, both in local and international markets.

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310 million Twitter daily users

In France, twitter  is used by millions of French people daily; worldwide, 310 million users are connected to the platform. Today, Twitter is used by dozens of different communities, journalists, communities of influencers but also athletes, gamers, etc… Twitter has changed the way of communicating in general, especially in the world of business.

Companies communicate and recruit on Twitter

Twitter has profoundly changed business communication, whether at the level of institutional corporate communication or HR communication. With our Twitter Management Services France, we can help recruiting on twitter to have a much wider coverage

Now, banks like BNP Paribas are recruiting on Twitter. Stéphane Richard uses Twitter daily to express what he thinks but also to support Orange’s messages around the world. There are also other corporate applications: PSA, for example, held its financial press conferences on Periscope, instantly distributed on Twitter.

Twitter is used as an internal and external communication tool, which significantly changes the situation.

Twitter Management Services in France for Businesses

Businesses large and small have taken over Twitter

There is a real professionalization of Twitter, both for large companies and for smaller structures which today see Twitter as an extremely simple and affordable means of addressing the whole world. Twitter is a free, live, public and very conversational tool. It is used by large companies, accustomed to this type of communication tool, but also by SMEs, VSEs and self-entrepreneurs.

Today, 9 million companies, SMEs and VSEs use Twitter worldwide. We are becoming an increasingly fundamental and vital marketing tool for businesses.

Twitter allows companies to build themselves and their brands, to address and engage their customers and users in a unique and singular way with what makes Twitter specific compared to other platforms and other methods of advertising. Today, we support small and large brands to help them build their business.

Twitter, the new brand customer service?

When we talk about the corporate and marketing dimension, we necessarily refer to the last brick which is the way in which Twitter imposes itself today as an online customer service. What Americans call “consumer care” takes on its full meaning with Twitter positioning itself as the global player through which questions are asked.

According to Social Bakers, 80% of global questions asked of brands come through Twitter. Users follow brands precisely to interact with them on Twitter. This is true for large, medium and small businesses. For example, Apple just decided to put its global customer service on Twitter via @AppleSupport.

It was a great success with more than 100,000 followers in 48 hours. But it’s also how any small Parisian café can use Twitter. We are now used as an essential customer relationship tool by entrepreneurs. Beyond SNCF, Air France or Société Générale, SMEs also use us for this purpose.

Widen  your customer reach by using our Twitter management services in France

The example of BPI France

The example of Bpifrance, and the way they use Twitter within their network of players, is particularly close to our hearts. This is living proof of the possibilities offered by the platform at the service of the French entrepreneurial fabric. Bpifrance relies on our capacities and those of Periscope in order to promote good practices, support and stimulate successful companies that need to be talked about.

Bpifrance is now able to convey a strong message by inviting the use of these modern means of commercial interaction and communication, while emphasizing that these are very effective means, regardless of the size of the business.

Twitter and audience

It is important to know what we are talking about in terms of audience. 310 million active users is indeed the figure we communicate, it is the number of people connected to the platform who use us monthly, but we have forged strategic links with search engines – such as Google allowing these to reference content that is on Twitter as Tweets or accounts.

So if you type in brand names on Google, you land second or third on the Twitter page of those brands. So we have tremendous traffic from these search engines coming to the platform. In addition to the 310 million connected users, we therefore have 500 million users who view tweets and editorial content on the platform.

So that makes 800 million monthly users of the platform, which tells you the size of our audience. In France, we have gained 56% of users connected to the platform in two years. Today, with the connected and the unconnected which constitute a capacity to address 800 million people, we are going much further. It is a considerable lever that allows us to look to the future with mad energy and great confidence.

Multiply the good reasons to connect to Twitter

The challenge for us is to ensure that people who arrive and experience tweets via search engines without being connected then want to come back daily. So we have to create appetite. The figures are quite telling: Twitter is used daily by millions of French people, of whom 55% come every day.

The way social platforms are evolving, and more specifically Twitter, is to offer ever more possibilities and reasons to come and read tweets. We are working a lot on this axis, it is important to develop the audience but also to ensure that people find on Twitter always more reasons and usefulness to come on the platform.

We offer them a window on the world by showing them what is happening there, but we also give them a window on their closer environment, with information on what is happening on line 2 of the metro, within their company or within their children’s school. We work very effectively with companies, communities, local and regional authorities and service companies. Everyone converges on this unique information platform that Twitter has become and which gives everyone the information they need to live better and better in their environment.

Twitter’s acquisition policy

Twitter is a company that is very open to its ecosystem, we are a platform that lives from a healthy ecosystem: the ecosystems of creators, developers, start-ups and companies that increasingly feed our applications and our content.

When we have the possibility, we acquire companies through external growth – example: Vine, Periscope, Gnip to name but a few. These companies indeed help to strengthen the content and develop the usefulness of the platform. Integrating through Twitter is also a great opportunity for these companies.

The Periscope application that allows you to broadcast live video to the world from a mobile has just celebrated its first anniversary. Since its launch, over 200 million videos have been streamed live on Periscope. In addition, 110 years of videos are watched every day.

In January, we integrated Periscope into the Twitter feed, providing for the first time the ability for this live video content to be distributed globally and easily to all of our users. The arrival of video is a tremendous revolution in our universe. Periscope is hugely successful and live video distribution works great. Live video has therefore become a key priority for the future of Twitter. After changing people’s lives with 140 characters, we changed it with images, then video, the next step being live video.

This presents a clear interest and it has a strong impact on the way in which our users appropriate this new way of using our platform. By covering the third “Nuit Debout” thanks to Periscope, a user (Rémy Buisine) was able to gather up to 80,000 people at the same time during a 4-hour live from his smartphone Place de la République. Communications agencies and businesses are also using Periscope and experimenting with new ways to express themselves through live video.

Live video: Twitter’s priority

This fundamental evolution towards live video is one of our main priorities because it is ultimately the DNA of Twitter: we are more and more live, we are a public platform (ability to be heard and listened to by the whole world) and conversational (we create a link and a discussion between the users of the platform). This is the magic equation of Twitter today and for the future.

Twitter and other social networks

Twitter’s DNA has never changed since the beginning. We are both live, public and conversational, it’s unique. We are more and more live. When something happens in the world, we know it ten to fifteen minutes before on Twitter. The move to live video makes even more sense. Then, each tweet is broadcast publicly, so we are a great microphone offered to the whole world. We allow people to be heard, which is our strength and our commitment. We defend freedom of expression and everyone’s ability to be heard around the world.

By connecting to the source, this allows everyone to hear and listen to the initial speech, without transformation. The third paradigm is the conversation that allows everyone to be able to express themselves, comment and challenge. We offer the possibility to each citizen who wants to participate in the democratic debate to discuss, express opinions and interact. We allow each customer to be able to ask questions to brands and receive an answer. Big brands have taken over Twitter.

Twitter Management Services France – To be on Twitter is to be influential.

RATP and Air France initially, then now the banking sector with Société Générale, which now undertakes to provide an answer within 30 minutes. It is precisely because we are live, public and conversational that we are unique and that we intend to remain so in the platform market. We are no longer just a social platform but a powerful content distribution platform. Of course, we integrate a very strong social dimension, but we really have to consider Twitter as a platform for exchanging content.

It’s something relatively new. It is also very important to design how our audience is unique. Why are we on Twitter? To be in an environment of people who “know”. People who are on Twitter are, in the words of Americans, “in the know”. These are people to whom we naturally turn. Being on Twitter, we consider that they must necessarily know what is going on. We estimate that Twitter has this unique audience of 310 million of the most influential people in the world.

Brands love Twitter

Twitter is a platform on which informed people and prescribers are because it is the space where information is distributed first. People looking for information and news are on Twitter. Brands are not mistaken: when they have a product launch to announce or an important communication to make, they prefer Twitter to the example of politicians.

Today, a world of companies around the world are discovering these features. Twitter offers the possibility of being heard extremely quickly – we speak the audience in France is moreover CSP+ (43% of the audience vs. 29% of the Internet population on average) and a significant purchasing power. We have a rather balanced male/female population (56%-44%) and we are young but not only. Indeed, two thirds of our users are between 25 and 55 years old, which makes us an interesting platform in terms of communication for companies.

We are also developing on other communities: gamers, music fans, etc. It is also this uniqueness of users that today makes Twitter of interest to brands, local and regional authorities, whether in Paris, major cities and increasingly across the country.

Twitter, a development tool for French companies

In the Paris office, we work a lot with French companies that we support in their corporate strategy but also to develop and grow. Twitter is a global platform. Explaining to French companies how to use Twitter properly amounts to explaining to them how to have access to a platform allowing them to obtain global visibility.

Thanks to Twitter, a champagne brand can tell its story, how the grapes are grown and be seen and read in Japan. When we have product launches, it is also a way of being able to announce it. We work a lot with French companies on marketing levers. We know today that one out of two users uses Twitter while watching television. We help French brands to develop on the platform. For those who invest in advertising on television, we observe that combining Twitter and TV doubles the effectiveness of advertising spots.

We have carried out numerous studies to demonstrate this. You develop the experience, you allow to have a very strong interaction between what people see during the commercial and the way in which they will be able to make an appointment to try a car, receive samples, find out more, or simply better understand what the brand has to tell them. We are developing a lot, especially with media agencies and brands, this complementarity between Twitter and television.

We are also working very intensively with communication agencies to find out what good creative communication is on Twitter, capable of creating dialogue, interaction, and what is called in marketing language “engagement”. “. Twitter is a very powerful platform to engage your prospects and make sure to tell them a story in which they want to participate. We basically help French brands to build themselves on the Internet.

Helping businesses grow with Twitter

The best advertising for a brand and the best way to build loyalty is to respond correctly to its users. Today, users ask questions and want to interact with brands. 42% of people who follow brands on Twitter do so for customer service.

The level of requirement is high because 80% of them expect a response within the hour, which therefore forces brands to understand the importance of a rapid response. We recently published a study on customer service which shows that the multiplier effect on sales and on business is colossal for a brand insofar as the brand is able to respond with empathy and provide an individualized response.

Twitter makes it possible to provide a better response to customer expectations compared to traditional customer service, which makes it possible to generate additional sales. Brands can then offer a more responsive and individualized response at much lower costs than traditional customer service, doing so in an extremely modern way.

We therefore help brands and companies to develop by offering a service that allows everyone to create a unique and new link with their customers.

The specificities of Twitter France

Twitter is celebrating its 10th anniversary and, on this occasion, we are experiencing a great moment in France. We have just moved into new premises at Opéra. They testify to Twitter’s desire to make France a leading country. France has common values ​​with Twitter, freedom of expression and very strong civic values ​​in particular.

In France, Twitter is relatively advanced on a number of topics, including the way we are used by cities, public services and chambers of commerce. We recently took a tour of the region to meet local businesses and agencies, the “Twitter Tour”, in order to discover the pro features of Twitter.

We visited eight cities, where we met the local ecosystems of agencies and entrepreneurs. On the occasion of this 10th anniversary, we see the prospect of an accelerated deployment in France because we have an increasingly close proximity to local companies and players, especially since we are also seeing a very favorable response. of this ecosystem.

The city of Paris has one million followers, making it the most followed capital ahead of London or New York. The announcement of the last Government was made on Twitter, out of 38 ministers, 37 have a Twitter account, so the institutions are present and active on Twitter.

This comment is also valid for business leaders who find in Twitter a great way to speak directly to their employees, their customers and the various influencers in their ecosystem. This is the specificity of the French history of Twitter and it testifies to our desire to be part of this ecosystem of start-ups and small businesses which today constitute our driving force.