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Hire Twitter Account manager

Would you like to hire a social media manager to manage your  YouTube Channel to get subscribers or Twitter account and help you gain more twitter followers fast and safely?. You have no time to look/vet twitter followers, you have no time to tweet, unfollow, tweet on a daily basis?, you are in the right place because we have a team of over 50 social media managers who manage twitter accounts , YouTube accounts and help increase twitter followers and YouTube subscriptions manually without using Apps or software which can damage your account .

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Our Twitter Account managers will make sure you gain Twitter followers daily, and not just any followers but followers who are high quality, active and can engage with you. we manage to do this by looking for twitter followers who share interest with you, and also from specific countries who prefer. This sets us apart from other Twitter social media managers who just get you followers from anywhere, its useless to be looking for a followers in USA and i get you followers from Egypt who even might be even non English speaking people.

Most people turn to  social media managers  because they don’t have the time to manage company profiles on Social Media, and whoever wonders what benefits it really reserves to rely on an expert, probably does not know that the Social Media Manager not only saves a lot of time but can also guarantee significant economic benefits.

If you want UK Twitter followers, we will get you UK followers, if  you want Portugal twitter followers, we will get you portuguese, if you prefer Twitter followers who are interested in FUFA, we will get you FUFA funs, Travel , we will get you followers interested in Travel. If you want international first world followers, we will get those. Isn’t interesting  that you get what you request! Our Twitter social media managers are experienced, respect privacy and for the last 5 years, we have never lost any twitter account to suspension.

Looking for a trusted twitter Account manager

Do you  need a trusted account manager that can help you account grow as you go on your holiday, vacation or maybe you cant do it yourself? use us and we’re affordable and flexible. We manage social profiles of individuals, Celebrities, companies and professionals, with the aim of generating new leads, increasing sales and showing the personality of the business on  Twitter mainly, used by millions of potential customers. some of our clients just want to have influence online, others want to just have more followers, whatever your reason you have for having a fat twitter account, we will help you achieve it

Hire a twitter manager for business

Twitter marketing has become a complicated channel for even the most savvy of the industry.

In fact, Twitter has moved from a place where users shared their every thought into a powerful marketing platform that allows brands to talk to their audience in real time. With over 321 million monthly active users, it’s easy to see why businesses continue to use Twitter even after all this time. However, it is no longer enough to send a few sporadic tweets on the latest trending topic.

As with any other social media platform, success in Twitter marketing requires strategic planning and intentionality to stand out and keep the audience engaged. Our Twitter social media managers will  use Twitter to advertise your business, engage the audience, and use the platform to achieve your overall social media goals.

Hire Twitter manager for  a week

are you heading for a busy week and don’t want to be off Twitter?, you can hire us to manage your account for a week, post for you and make you active as you finish finish your business for a week. The majority of small business owners know that social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn) are important for reaching potential customers, repeat customers, and business partners. However, it is not easy for small entrepreneurs to create and manage a communication strategy on social media: above all due to a lack of time and resources.
So, if you need a professional to manage social channels for you, contact me and let’s start talking about it!

Hire Twitter social media manager for  a month

We start from as low as $30 @ per, that is a dollar a day to manage Twitter account. We usually start with  Optimization of your profile, or social profile creation, profile performance improvement, post creation, copyright-free image search, graphic processing, video creation and comment management, sharing and research of original content. we take extra mile in getting you a strategy,  Idealization of the general strategy, elaboration of a calendar and editorial plan for the diffusion of contents, management of advertising campaigns. when you hire us to manage your Twitter account for a month, we will definitely do a great work for you

Hire Twitter social media manager for  a year

Managing a twitter for a year comes with super advantages such as free graphics, and lower charges, Twitter can be used to help spread awareness of your brand and drive sales. A well-constructed  social media strategy can generate a lot of qualified traffic to your website, and at the same time help build your brand image. An effective strategic social marketing plan allows you to be present simultaneously on various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest etc. And each of these can be leveraged differently to help promote your business. entrust us with your twitter account for a year and you wont be disappointed


What does a social media manager do?

The role of the social media manager therefore plays a fundamental role in various fields of business activity:

  • increase brand awareness ;

  • improve the reputation of the company or entity;

  • increase customer engagement , stimulating discussion and curiosity;

  • make marketing campaigns more effective ;

  • help increase sales .

The social media manager therefore finds himself working by wisely mixing:

  1. creativity : because in its publishing activity it has to develop interesting and stimulating posts and content for the public, which would respond badly to messages that are too blatantly advertising or standardized;

  2. technical : competence is fundamental in the use of these means, because an approximate or amateur use can cause real communication disasters, which also have heavy repercussions on the rest of the company activity. In other words: a crisis that has erupted online does not remain confined to social platforms but affects the rest of the company;

  3. strategy : the social media manager must also study and implement effective marketing strategies, in concert with many other company areas, organizing editorial plans, managing the collaborators who contribute to the management of social networks, carefully reporting the results obtained.

As you can see, that of the social media manager is a figure who brings together many tasks and many roles, which often, in larger and more structured realities, are “unpacked” between different professionals.

There is the social media strategist, who deals specifically with the strategic planning of activities and the digital strategy of a company, there is the content manager, who deals exclusively with the contents that are published online and the communication manager , which deals more broadly with all the digital communication of a company.

But also the social media campaign manager, who is interested in paid adv campaigns in more detail, the community manager, who manages the relationship with customers on social media and moderates direct interactions with customers, and so on.

All tasks that in most companies, which do not have the means to hire more people to manage their social networks, are carried out by a single person.

What should a social media manager do?

During his “typical day”, the social media manager must therefore deal with various activities, all connected but different:

  • publishes posts on official pages, whether it is a post on Facebook or an image on Instagram, as provided for in the editorial plan.
    He is therefore concerned that images and videos are of the quality required by the platforms and suitable for that audience;

  • takes care to moderate the comments and interactions of the customers-fans of his company, responding to requests for clarification and intervening promptly in the event of accidents or criticisms, which must always be handled professionally;

  • it also analyzes the first results of the most recent publications and reports on the previous ones, in order to continuously inform the management of the results achieved;

  • works on the calendar of future publications;

  • plan a social media marketing strategy , after establishing goals with other business areas.

In his activity, therefore, the social media manager always works keeping in mind:

  • the characteristics of the brand he works for;

  • the target customers to whom it is addressed;

  • the clear objectives that the company sets itself with the activity on social networks.

It is therefore concerned with:

  • produce quality content ;

  • manage the relationship with the photographer , copywriters or testimonial influencers ;

  • interact with the other company areas involved: from communication to marketing, up to the sales managers;

  • manage the community independently, ensuring quick and correct answers;

  • plan and manage advertising campaigns and adv campaigns;

  • be able to correctly read the results obtained and the insights, thanks to the main tools on the market, such as those provided by Facebook or Google.