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Why do I need more subscribers to my Youtube channel?
October 13, 2022

Why do I need more subscribers to my Youtube channel?

Well, technically, the more subscribers you have, the easier it will always be for your channel growth. Firstly, YouTube measures how long people spend viewing your videos.If you concentrate only on getting subscribers and forget to work on quality of your videos, people will not watch them or if they do watch them, they will leave within seconds

But , if your content makes sense and many viewers choose to be your subscribers to keep watching your video, YouTube will promote your channel. This leads to the overall growth of the channel’s presence on YouTube.

However much you focus on getting subscribers, don’t get to work on the value of your content.

Secondly, a massive number of subscribers is social proof of your value and credibility. Just imagine if you are a person looking for a fashion advise  on YouTube, you will choose to follow a channel with more than one thousand subscribers, right? That is totally understandable.

Subscribers, sometimes, are more important than views for your channel to be recognized and get monetized.